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This huatiao wine below is a higher quality shaoxing wine that is less briny, has a much less of a bite to it than the larger and cheaper versions and also comes in smaller bottles. Some chinese restaurants have a dish called baby shrimp in chili sauce. The regular brands taste rough. Unfortunately, i never payed full attention on how she did it.

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Asian sauces bottled. There must be a supplier for peking sauce as supplied to restaurants? Sorry that i cannot judge the sauce by your description. It really wakes up pork and chicken. But just for your information, firstly we need to pan-fried those tofu until crispy and then coat with a common chinese style orange sauce. What would you suggest i could use instead? could miso work?

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We recently got a 10 new furikake (pronounced foo-ree-kah-keh) seasonings for you! with so. But when i returned in 2012, none of the shops use that sauce anymore.

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