Ask mommy to spank me

Ask for it!

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You also have to remember, children’s brains are not fully developed and they are not going to act like little adults. Carefully, i began to write again, then with a smile playing at my lips. Don’t like? don’t read! Always the same; skirt up, panties down over her knee for a session with the paddle.

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Ask mommy to spank me. My mom then told me i wasn’t allowed to rinse and she told me to go to her bedroom. This was far worse than the caning. After giving him ten strokes on each cheek mommy gave. I was upstairs and i decided to peak at my mums things as i know she had a few naughty things such as lesbian stuff (my mum has always liked girls and is bi sexual. Fail yr exams, my mom giv me 51 hard spanking on the bae for that.


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Are you normal?

Top of her right thigh, his legs and upper body supported by the bed. No, please don’t spank me with the brush. Since you were a good boy and asked mommy to spank.

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