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Once i entered the world of the intensive care unit, i was exposed to a very different variety of female values: critical thinking, aggressive action, and a level playing field were touted by my peers, and despite my initial fear of being drowned by a sea of judgment and misunderstanding, i quickly realized that being a “bitch” was an asset. And yet what i often wonder, in the interactions i have with both men and women regularly, is this: what makes it perfectly acceptable for a man to think only for himself, while a woman feels obligated to please everyone along her path? You do tend to find writers making tea, talking about making tea or at least tea-adjacent. This may be because college students thought tea was only fit for old ladies. – is something very different. What lies at the root of this distrust and dismissal of one another? why are we as women so determined to fight for our own rights and freedoms and privileges, yet so quick to discourage those very examples that advocate for us? as a registered nurse, my career exists in a microcosm of this very point of contention and issue of concern every single day.

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Bitch ladies. Through it all, however, there comes a distinct irony that has plagued my mind for three decades: how can we, as women, instead of supporting one another through the daily struggles we each face, attempt to tear each other down instead? i don’t claim to be much of an expert at anything at all. In modern (1990s, originally black english) slang, its use with reference to a man is sexually contemptuous, from the “woman” insult. Perhaps influenced by the verb meaning “to bungle, spoil,” which is recorded from 1823. The host bitched tea or bitched the pot.


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These days there are so many rules and expectations for professional women that getting dressed in the morning can feel like running through a minefield while muscly men in helicopters shoot at you from above. Available in 5 sizes and pink, blue, purple or navy colours.

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