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The front read “my new album drops sept. As of two years ago, she reported that the python was alive and well. In 2007 the video music awards took over the las vegas casino the palms, with not only performances on the venue’s main stage, but entire hotel suites given over to parties “hosted” by nominated artists. Cyrus’s continued appropriation of “twerking,” the age difference between the gyrating cyrus and the beetlejuiced-up thicke, the wandering vocal pitch of both, the set’s “porn parody of a high school talent show” feel and the abuse of a foam finger kept the music media scratching its head for weeks. Stipe quipped after the show: “at first i thought it was bono.

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Boob girl jiggling. He’d already taken a break from playing his most famous character, pee-wee herman, for over a year, worried that his cult comedy creation had taken over his career. Macy gray, who was on the presenter docket for the 2001 ceremony, decided to get creative with her brief bit of screen time. Encased in over 40 pounds of thin-cut argentinian beef, lady gaga cut a figure even more impressive than her dominant 13 nominations at the 2010 video music awards. So you know they’re serious. Her dress, a blend of pink lace and what looked like metallic denim, was emblazoned with iron-on letters advertising her second full-length.

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