Cutting strips from mill end rolls

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Even more important than the clearance is the condition of the tools: sharp cutting knives will produces better quality edges. We have only a limited supply of the 1/2 inch and 1 inch product because it is difficult to hold the rolls together. In the presence of free oxygen, the dominant oxidizing species in the reheat furnace atmosphere is oxygen. Destructive testing (including metallography and chemical analysis) was carried out on the failed roll samples in the first case and gross abnormality in microstructure was observed.

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Cutting strips from mill end rolls. Compare the shearing forces transmitted through the welds, when the connection is under a tensile force. The most stringent requirements are put on cold-rolled strip if it is to be deep drawn. The metal should elongate more easily in the in-plane directions as compared to the normal direction nd, so as to resist thinning in tension and thickening in compression. Future laboratory and numerical simulation work should focus more on the deformation behaviour and tendency to cracking for thinner scales under the conditions relevant to finishing hot rolling, so that safe operation windows for hot rolling without causing scale cracking and damage to the roll and strip surfaces can be more accurately determined.

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The cases are as follows: And the transverse welds to 100 mn/m2.

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