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It has established itself as something of a regular in the international pet trade; it goes by many pseudonyms, but it is perhaps best known by its slightly more accurate trade name of chubby frog. Its mottled-brown background, marked by wide, black-bordered bands of creamy yellow to pale orange, is far from the images that its other names of painted bullfrog and beautiful kaloula conjure in the mind. : these frogs are voracious eaters, and will eat flies, crickets, moths, grasshoppers, earthworms and more. I recommend dusting them once a week with a good calcium and vitamin supplement. Food items should be gut-loaded with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables before being offered to the frogs. Pieces of cork bark, flat rocks and broken terracotta pots can be arranged on the surface to form hides and crevices for the frogs to squeeze in to or burrow under. This will encourage the frogs to burrow down as you begin to lower the temperature.

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Do chubby frogs have teeth. If you choose to light the enclosure, i advise using a standard freshwater aquarium tube or one of the many daylight compact lamps available, set to illuminate the enclosure for around 12 hours a day. Wetlands, riverbanks, forest edges, but has adapted successfully to agricultural and residential landscapes, although it can still be found in dry forests. A male calls to attract a mate. As with all amphibians, water should be dechlorinated either through allowing it to stand for 24 hours or by treating it with an aquarium water conditioner.


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Be careful not to overfeed, as uneaten food will quickly foul the water. Suitable foods at this stage include hatchling crickets, fruit flies and springtails, with a daily helping of calcium and vitamin supplements.

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