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There are other witnesses, other spectators watching her on the screen, their gaze is one with, not standing in for, that of the audience. Nevertheless, as this article has argued, the structure of looking in narrative fiction film contains a contradiction in its own premises: the female image as a castration threat constantly endangers the unity of the diegesis and bursts through the world of illusion as an intrusive, static, one-dimensional fetish. At the end of. He was a part of the influential secession movement displaying art in vienna where freud was publishing his first works.

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Fetish unconscious woman. There, is a close working here of the relationship between the active instinct and its further development in a narcissistic form. Police have also alleged the man emailed videos of sex acts being performed on his wife to another person. Not necessarily represent real paraphilias. While hitchcock goes into the investigative side of voyeurism, sternberg produces the ultimate fetish, taking it to the point where the powerful look of the male protagonist (characteristic of traditional narrative film) is broken in favour of the image in direct erotic rapport with the spectator.


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A and b have set out two contradictory aspects of the pleasurable structures of looking, in the conventional cinematic situation. The audience follows the growth of his erotic obsession and subsequent despair precisely from his point of view.