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Some like wild some like smooth – whatever society says – and it is just body hair anyway. An ample bush is a delight to see and feel! It started getting super soft. I accidentally shaved too much off one day and decided to just go all the way and shave all of it. In fact, these guys are very uncomfortable with the bald look.

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Girl hairy natural shaved. Nevertheless, women got married all the time before that era. Again, no greater surprises. I talk with them, sometimes we send pics and we support each other. The term is mainly used by men or on porn sites/mags. I realised that i never really disliked how the hair looked. I’m 23 so i fit right in that age range where it became trendy. Can’t imagine ever growing it in.

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But bryan figured i was just bluffing

Just a clean feel and look. A woman who goes bare is sexy, but might also be insecure about her womanhood.