Godlikeproductions are assholes

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Po box 334, shalimar fl. It is for making sense. The game plan for the dark forces is simple: redirect all spiritual effort into dead end philosophies. I looked for evidence and patterns of cointelpro and started tracking blogger names through google to see the patterns. Right after the paid subscriber asked. What’s the point? they have plenty of other posters @ glp who serve their master and lead any and all threads exactly where tri wants them to go.

Godlike productions bans new users to promote its subscription service | common sense conspiracyGodlike productions - membership contract

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I clicked on an article to the

Godlike productions (glp) controlled opposition/gatekeepers: bans (sri) & tavistock postings | intheknow7s blogGodlike productions closing - brothel house ii - proxy whore refugeRead this now! hurry!

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Godlikeproductions are assholes. Whats funny on the receiving end, whats attractive and what will sell your product. Shill, i said it didn’t make sense. Install firefox for your platform (mac,windows,etc). Also they don’t allow the really vile language and bullying glp does. Conspiracies do exist but the alternate media has been taken over from the inside and has been purposely divided to fight amongst themselves. They support israel’s tyranny.

The following was posted by trinity at godlikeproductions: | the fringe | conspiracy, news, politics, and fun forum!Godlike productions - membership contract

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I know it was from there because i caught it again from there not realizing that is where i had got it from originally. Donald trump is now their mascot. They are probably a couple of guys who smoke dope and figure out ways to get donations , by using a flashy name like god like.