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Dude, whoever you are that wrote this. It took all of his willpower to say those words. Kate reached back and pulled the towel away from jack’s hips. Her hand was caressing his neck while the other traitorous appendage was trailing its way towards his jeans. She was basically the writers way to start shit or move the plot. She gave him a sultry smile, taking a bite from a piece of fruit from the night before, the juice running seductive paths down her chin. It’s you that’s doing it to me.

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Lost kate and jack sex. I had a lot of weird sex freckles. Where the hell did his smooth moves go? it felt like he had lost control of his body. Unless you want the islanders to sit around eating mangoes for 6 seasons, kate has to be there. Jack had his patented puppy look on.


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Taking advantage of people who are looking for more than just sex is something that justifies shaming. Look, kate, look at us,” he commanded. He was only male after all.

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