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I’d keep a towel, some shampoo and some soap in my locker. However we did do some harmless hazing to mess with the new guys because it is awkward your first couple of times. We didn’t get particularly sweaty most of the time anyway. No one had to shower together, even though all locker rooms had showers. Now in college, the 2nd dorm i lived in had group showers! the first had individual stalls but when i moved to a 2nd dorm the next year, it was just a big tile room with 6 shower heads, and sure enough, we group showered quite often. The teasing could get pretty bad just simply changing, so i can’t imagine actually getting nude around those guys. Locker rooms had rusty gross showers that appeared to have been unused since the 70s.

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Naked shower together. No showering after gym class or team practices. I was under the impression this was going to be a lot more sexy. In my school, if you were in gym, you didn’t shower after. I remember taking showers in elementary school also. In middle school (aka jr. In my school, the normal gym classes would never shower. But, we always prefered to because you know.

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