Overheating mg midget

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The mechanical cooling fan is powered off the crankshaft by the fan belt and the following checks are worth making periodically. Check your fan belt. Did you install a thermostat when the head was off??e? they’re 5$ at the parts store. Are there different sizes?

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Overheating mg midget. There is no such flexibility however for the radiator caps and it is important that the cooling system is pressurised at the correct level for the particular model. Have you tried “burping” the cooling system after your headgasket change? there could be a pocket of air in there. The following is the correct application for model type: Please refer to cargurus. To generate airflow, before the engine has exceeded its normal operating temperature. Later mgb and all v8 models were fitted with electric cooling fans as standard equipment, being more efficient than the mechanical method without the need to waste valuable b. Moss has reproduced the texas kooler in cooperation with the ntahc.


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Could be that there is a clog in the engines head thats preventing flow. Most overheating problems are caused as a result of hose failure from either the hose splitting or bursting open. 75 min * (1 hr / 60 min) * 25 a = 35.

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