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I feel the growing wetness of her vulva lips. I feel my cock push between her legs; i feel her pussy fur rubbing against the upper skin of my penis. Bare feet trampling, jumping, head standing and cruel cock ball trampling. Although,” he continues, “i’ve never seen it live in front of me before.

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Archive of our ownAnn sheridan on polar bear rug by george hurrell | george hurrell: sex is in the lighting | pinterest | george hurrellField preparation for a bear skin rug

Sex bear skin rug. I push my nose into her pubic curls and poke my tongue between her labia to taste her sex. The others nod in silent assent. Then we each have another turn between nancy’s luscious thighs. My right hand drops from her back to her buttocks and feels her jiggly bum cheeks, then her bum crack. All we need now is nancy.


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All galleries and links are provided by 3rd parties. She pauses at the foot of the stairs and takes in the scene: the three other men sitting in their underwear with big grins and lustful stares at her and the bearskin rug spread out in front of the fire, now subsided to a friendly crackle.

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