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Ross rj, rostami-hodjegan a. Sebaceous cysts do not require treatment unless they cause discomfort. It is recommended to. Fine silvery lines are sometimes visible in the skin where mites have burrowed. For example, some girls may simply complain that their “private area” hurts or itches while others may respond by holding their genital area or rubbing or scratching it. I have an itching problem on my clit hood after mensis or before my mensis.

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Swollen raw clitoris. In this article, we look at causes of clitoral enlargement at several stages of life. Psychological adjustment in children and adults with congenital adrenal hyperplasia. For yeast infections, over the counter antifungal creams, like monistat, can help clear the infection and reduce swelling. Vulva is the general name given to the external parts of the female genitals. You might want to try cognitive behaviour therapy, meditation, or mindfulness and relaxation exercises. Almost invariably, other parts of the vulva and vagina will also be inflamed and itchy, and there will usually be a whitish discharge.


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The vulva also includes a number of glands, which produce fluids to cleanse and moisturise the vagina. This is caused by an increase in hormones.

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