Working out and masturbation

Can masturbation and gym workout go together ? | yahoo answers

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So, no peer reviewed articles or studies. You don’t call it “hand-washing-addiction” for example. Acceptance of masturbation as normal, healthy, necessary, has grown in the last 20 years. 7% from the baseline readings. But they just don’t have the evidence yet and i’m far more inclined to place my bets with the way most mental issues we already know about function rather than invent something very new. My lower body lifts go to hell and don’t come back if i go to the gym soon after. You dont lose testosterone when you ejaculate lol.

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Working out and masturbation. That’s why i lift with fucking gloves. How in sam hill does the testosterone know what it is supposed to do? it is released into the bloodstream and affects all tissues in the body to some extent. Idk why you people think they stay elevated. Your thinking is being influence by some deep victorian era thinking.

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Complete lack of focus, felt very lethargic and drained, i lifted significantly less than what i was suppose to. That’s where the creativity comes in.

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